Motherís Day Gifts that Donít Require a Trip to the Bank

Some ideas for free and low-cost gift options for Motherís Day

Do you ever remember your mom telling you to save your pennies for a rainy day? If so, itíll probably come as no surprise to you that itís possible to celebrate Motherís Day without breaking the bank, and in some cases, without even spending a single penny. Take momís advice to heart and celebrate Motherís Day this year by leaving your pocketbook at home.

Remember those lazy days of summer when you were a kid? Do you remember enjoying a picnic in the beautiful outdoors, drinking lemonade and picking flowers? Recreate that leisurely experience by planning a picnic for Motherís Day. Take things up a notch and have a true dining experience. Make salmon salad in place of tuna salad, and use rye bread or pumpernickel bread instead of white. Bring an elegant dessert, and donít forget your momís favorite wine or sparkling cider. The best part of avoiding restaurants on Motherís Day is that you wonít have to wait for your food to be served in a busy restaurant. You can spend the day focusing on each other, talking, and recalling fond memories.

A creative Motherís Day gift option that is essentially free is to make a coupon book for your mom to redeem. Each coupon displays an activity that your Mom gets when she redeems the coupon. Include a combination of chores or tasks that she could use help with Ė perhaps one is for a ride to the airport, and another for house-sitting while sheís away. Include a coupon for spring cleaning, too. That is sure to be a nice reward for all of the years she spent spring cleaning when you were growing up.

Focus on enjoying each otherís company this Motherís Day. If youíre short on time and canít prepare a picnic, try a catered brunch at home. The comforts of home are enjoyable year-round, more so on Motherís Day.