Donít Forget Grandma This Motherís Day

Helpful ways to include Grandma in your Motherís Day celebration

Homemade Motherís Day gifts are some of the best presents to give to grandmothers on this special holiday. Theyíre thoughtful and inexpensive. Homemade Motherís Day gifts really show just how much time and effort you and your children have put into this holiday. Fortunately, there are a variety of ideas to get you started.

The type of present your children make for their grandma will depend on their age. Little ones can dip their hands in paint and make handprints. You can copy a special poem onto the paper to go along with the handprints. Laminate the work of art for extra protection so the masterpiece can be cherished for years to come.

Help your children make special bath salts for grandma this Motherís Day. Combine Epsom salts and sea salt in a pretty container. Add several drops of essential oil. Let your kids measure and combine the salts and pick which scent of essential oil to use. Tie a decorative ribbon around the outside of the container and attach a personalized note.

You can also help your children make a personalized poem for grandma. Use their grandmaís actual name or the special word they use to refer to their grandmother such as ďNanaĒ or ďGrammyĒ as the inspiration. Begin each line of the poem with a separate letter of the name or nickname youíve chosen, so that the first letter of each line reading downwards spells her name or nickname, like this:

Nothing is
As special as my
Nana. Iíll
Always love her.

Youíll have to help toddlers by writing what they want to include, but older children can write the poem themselves.

If you donít have children, but your husband usually needs help picking out Motherís Day gifts, you have two options. Choose the gift yourself or narrow down some appropriate choices and have him pick the best one. His mom will enjoy her Motherís Day gift, and your husband will be happy he had some help choosing a gift.